Expedition Cruising on Silversea's Prince Albert II from Reykjavik, Iceland to St. John's, Newfoundland 2008.

After crossing the Denmark Strait, we stopped at numerous locations on the southeastern and southwestern parts of Greenland. Then we crossed the Davis Strait, heading north to Iqaluit, then south to the remote islands south of Baffin Island. Finally, we toured eastern Labrador and Newfoundland.

igalikugreenland_small.jpg igalikugreenland2_small.jpg theubiquitousatvsatigaliku_small.jpg arsukbraeglaciergreenland_small.jpg
ahouseatigaliku_small.jpg foxhavnwaterfall_small.jpg clearblueiceberg_small.jpg seagullsnestngoncliffsatarsukbrae_small.jpg
thefoxhavnwaterfallinarsukbraefjordgreenland_small.jpg foxhavnwaterfall2_small.jpg zodiakapproachingfoxhavnwaterfall_small.jpg iqaluit_small.jpg

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